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The Farm on my Doorstep

Every Wednesday I have to resist the urge to run out and hug my Farmhouse delivery guy! We began with a small bushel every other week and have loved it so much we just can’t get enough. We are up to two large bushels every week – and honestly, we’re talking about three.

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning as I anticipate the moment of the Veggie Santa’s arrival. I “oooo” and “awwww” over each item as I lovingly take it out of the box. Who knew that bell pepper and eggplant came in such gorgeous diversity?


Fresh! We’re talking local, farm, seasonal, just-picked freshness! There is a difference. I confess I’ve eaten the entire head of butter lettuce the day it arrives (usually within minutes ). Words fail me to describe the tender, sweet, melt-in-my-mouth yumminess.

I’ve always struggled with incorporating enough veggies into my diet – but now it’s so easy, fun and educational. I love learning about new foods and experiencing new taste sensations. And knowing how to properly prepare a veggie, can turn, for example, the disgusting and dreaded beet (my former opinion) into my current fav. Try Perfect Baked Beets.


It”s now a breeze to make half my plate fruits and veggies.


What does consuming more fresh produce do for our bodies?

Vegetables and Fruits:

  • Are naturally low in calories, and help us feel full faster
  • Provide valuable fiber that helps regulate our digestion
  • Decrease our risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers
  • Are valuable sources of tons of nutrients that are hard to get anywhere else. (Such as folate, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, just to name a few)

Oh, I feel so healthy. Gimme more! Is it Wednesday yet??


Taste Preferences

One of the most fascinating areas of current research is how Baby in Womb1taste preferences are developed. Although there is a genetic component, environmental factors play a huge role in determining why we like to eat what we like to eat. It all starts in the womb! The ability to taste begins in the first trimester and is fully developed long before the baby is born. Many flavors, such as fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. (along with cigarette smoke and perfume) are detected Carrot Studyin amniotic fluid. Preborn babies swallow up to a liter of amniotic fluid a day. What mama eats, baby tastes. Julie Mennella, who has done extensive research in this area, shows in her Carrot Study that infants whose mothers eat carrots during pregnancy have a greater preference for carrots when solid foods are introduced.

We recently got the joyous news that our daughter, who has struggled with infertility for years, is expecting! We could not be more thrilled, although the last few weeks have been quite rocky as she has had to cope with much nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness. One thing that she gingerhas found that has helped is ginger: ginger capsules, ginger tea, ginger candy, ginger gum . . . We do not know whether this little one will be a boy or girl, or what the name will be, BUT we do know that ginger will be a favorite food!